• All ILDA Award winners

  • All ILDA Award winners

The ILDA Awards began in 1988. The most recent Awards year as of this writing is 2020. This reflects 32 years the Awards have been given (there are no 2008 Awards for reasons listed here).

Artistic and Technical Awards

Over these 32 Awards years, there have been a total of 1,317 artistic and technical award winners. This is an average of just over 41 winners each year.

148 different ILDA Member companies and individuals have won Awards. Those who have won 10 or more ILDA artistic and technical Awards from 1988 through 2020, are:

     175 LOBO electronic
     85 Audio Visual Imagineering
     68 LFI/Laser Fantasy International
     60 Orion-Art Multimedia
     43 Laser Images Inc. ("Laserium”), Lightwave International
     41 KVANT Ltd.
     37 LaserAnimation SOLLINGER
     35 Laser Media, Lightspeed Design
     32 ER Productions, Laser Spectacles
     30 HB-Laserkomponenten, Pangolin Laser Systems
     27 Laser Entertainment srl, tarm (all tarm companies)
     25 Image Engineering, Laser Show Design
     21 Christopher Short
     19 Strictly FX
     18 LaserTech Canada
     15 Planetarium Hamburg
     14 dreamlaser
     13 Lightline Lasertechnik, VisuTek e.U.
     12 Laser Force, MediaLas
     11 Laserpromotions b.v., Science Faction, Visual Sensation Lasershows and Technologies
     10 ABC LaserEvents, LaserNet/Laser Production Network, Laservision Macro-Media

You can download an Excel spreadsheet with a full listing of all ILDA Award artistic and technical winners.

You can also get a detailed list of winners for each year. Use the menus under “Awards” to look for award winners for specific years.

Career and Special Achievement Awards

The Excel spreadsheet does not include two other major ILDA Award categories.

Over the 32 Awards years up through 2020, there have been 20 Career Achievement Award recipients, and two Special Achievement Award recipients. Click the appropriate link for a list of winners in each category.

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