• Enter the 2024 ILDA Awards

Thank you for entering in 2024

The deadline for entering the 2024 ILDA Awards has passed. Thanks to everyone who entered.

  • If you entered on or before Tuesday, April 30 but you are NOT on the list below, contact ILDA as soon as possible.
  • Each entrant should have received an email confirmation after ILDA has received the entry. Often this email will ask for other information. If you entered and are on the list below but did not receive any email confirmation or questions, contact ILDA as soon as possible.
  • A few entrants have not yet renewed their 2024 ILDA dues. If you are not sure of renewing, log into ildamember.com and check that you are a 2024 Member. Non-member entries will not be judged and/or will not be eligible for an ILDA Award.

As of May 3, 2024 at 12:30 pm Eastern
All entries have had a preliminary review. We will next be double-checking safety and making sure the entry category is correct. After this is done, entries will be sent to judging.


Christopher Short
Copernicus Science Centre
Diode as
Expanded Scenography
Igor Vlasenko
Justyn Connor
Katrina Marro
Laser Entertainment
Laser Monkey
Laser Show Ware
Laserimage AB
LaserTech Canada
Marco Inselvini
Merlin Schaadt
Nathan Jin
Nisha Ramnath
Orion-Art Multimedia
Theo Petrides
TLD Entertainment
Visual Sensation
XYZ Beamz


Gitle Mikkelsen
James Stewart


  • The following persons will be the 2024 CAA nominees. If you nominated someone this year and you do NOT see their name on the list, contact ILDA as soon as possible.
Ward Davis
Olga Eser*
Rockne Krebs
Chris Matthews*
Mark Nath*

* New or renewed nomination for 2024. The others were nominated within the last 4 years; their nominations automatically carry over to 2024.

The remainder of this page is left for reference, even though the Awards Entry deadline has already passed.

  • Enter the 2024 ILDA Awards

The ILDA Awards recognize creative achievement in laser displays, promote and publicize ILDA and its Members, and establish credibility for the artistic medium of laser light. Since the ILDA Awards were instituted in 1988, there have been over 1300 total winners (Artistic and Technical awards), won by 150 different companies and individuals. Also, there have been 25 winners of ILDA's highest honor, the Career Achievement Award.

For an example of what the Awards are like, see the page for our 2023 ILDA Awards.

We invite ILDA Members to enter the 2024 ILDA Artistic and Technical Awards, and to make nominations for persons to receive the 2024 Career Achievement Award. And for non-members, we also invite entries in the ILDA Digital Network category, for technical advancements related to the IDN standard or development.

Winners will be honored at the ILDA Awards Banquet and Presentation, Friday September 27, 2024 at the ILDA Conference in Wrocław, Poland, hosted by Visual Sensation Laser Shows and Technologies.

2015 ILDA Awards - Dubai

ILDA Award winners and guests at the 2015 ILDA Awards Banquet and Presentation in Dubai, hosted by Abdulwahab Baghdadi, 3rd Dimension EvenTech

2024 key information

ILDA Membership

For most of the award categories, you must be an ILDA Member at the time you are submitting your entry. You do NOT have to be a Member to enter the Fenning Technical Achievement Award in the ILDA Digital Network category. And for the Career Achievement Award, non-members can be nominated although all nominations must come from ILDA Members, as described in the CAA section below.

Entry eligibility period

Entries must have been finished and documented between January 1, 2023 and April 30, 2024.

Entries must be new to the 2024 ILDA Awards. Entries entered for any previous ILDA Awards cannot be re-entered this year.

Entry deadline: April 30

The deadline for all entries is Tuesday, April 30, 2024. The entries must be uploaded (or for CAA nominations, emailed) to ILDA by 11:59 pm your local time.

NEW FOR 2024: The deadline is even more stringent. WE DO NOT ACCEPT LATE ENTRIES. Treat this deadline the same way you would if you have a show booked for a specific date and time, and the laser MUST go on at that time. It is not OK to say "well, we'll do the show tomorrow instead" or "I'm waiting on a part." You do whatever you can to meet the deadline, or accept the consequences.

NEW FOR 2024: We no longer accept claims of missing or "lost" emails. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that ILDA receives your entry email before the deadline. ILDA will try to email you after receiving your entry email, but cannot guarantee such a confirmation email. If you don't hear from ILDA within a few hours, resend your entry email or call us — before the deadline.

You should probably pretend the deadline is one day earlier. That way if something goes wrong or your email somehow actually gets lost, then you still have time to fix things.

The only deadline extension is in extraordinary cases such as unforeseen severe weather or accidents which are out of the entrant's control. Excuses like “We got really busy” or “a show booked at the last minute” are NOT acceptable reasons for late entries. If you have an extraordinary case and may not meet our deadline, contact us BEFORE the deadline, as early as possible.

Countdown clock

The countdown clock below shows the time left until the deadline. In case of a disagreement between your local clock and the countdown clock, your local clock determines the deadline (e.g., 11:59 pm your local time on Tuesday, April 30, 2024).

The deadline for entering the 2024 ILDA Awards has passed. Thanks to everyone who entered. The rules are kept below for reference.

  • Each entrant will receive an email confirmation after ILDA has reviewed the entry. Sometimes this email will ask for additional information. If you entered but did not receive any email confirmation or questions within 5 days after entering (e.g., by May 4), contact ILDA.


Entry rules and procedures

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You should follow the rules and procedures listed below as closely as possible.

We know there are many rules and a lot of text. We are sorry, but this is due to us having many categories, to us needing your help to make the entries manageable, and to problems in the past causing (many) new rules to be developed.

We will be flexible when appropriate

We want to be consistent and fair to all entrants. If necessary, we will assist entrants – especially those entering for the first time, or from non-English speaking countries, or with limited resources – so they can comply to the best of their ability to our rules. Outside conditions such as the COVID-19 pandemic can also affect how rules are applied.

Our overall goal is to benefit Members and ILDA. For this reason, ILDA retains the right to be flexible in applying the rules. Such flexibility may vary from Member to Member depending on individual situations and capabilities. We also retain the right not to be bound by past years’ rule interpretations since conditions may change, we may have made mistakes or misapplied rules in the past, we may have been too harsh or too lenient in the past, etc. We will strive to be consistent, but sometimes fairness dictates that past mistakes or misapplied rules not be repeated.

Enter the ILDA Awards


If an entry is required to provide safety documentation

The section below is for Artistic and Technical Award entries that depict laser light on humans (e.g. an audience or performers), or near to humans, or in an area where an audience might be (such as an empty tradeshow floor or an empty auditorium). Such entries are required to provide safety documentation.

Questions, comments and suggestions

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc. regarding the ILDA Awards, contact ILDA. If necessary you can also contact the Awards Committee chair directly. For 2024 the chair is Richard Gonsalves. His contact information can be found in the online list of ILDA Members.

For more information, visit our other ILDA websites:

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ILDAmember.com: Membership database and event management, including joining ILDA
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LasershowSafety.info: Information about safe laser shows, including laws, regulations, checklists, and more

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