ILDA Career Achievement Award recipients

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The Career Achievement Award is ILDA's highest honor. It honors "an exceptional individual with a distinguished history of achievement in the laser display industry."

The CAA recipients below can generally be placed into one or more of these categories:
     • Those who helped build significant laser display-related businesses
     • Those who made artistic and technical achievements
     • Those who worked to improve ILDA and the laser display industry.

From 1989 to 2007, Members nominated candidates and a three-person panel made the final selection. Beginning in 2009, Members nominate candidates, and then a few months later vote on the nominees in order to choose each year’s winner.

Recipients are listed below. Click the bar with the person’s name for more information about them. Since 2009, this information usually comes from the nominating statement.


Founder of Laser Images Inc., inventor of Laserium® planetarium shows, and the father of the laser show industry


Co-founder of Laser Media, who made fundamental breakthroughs for laser display technology


Laser Fantasy founder, honored for pioneering work and technical achievements


Co-founder of Image Engineering Corporation and pioneer of digital laser imagery


Award-winning artist and producer at Laser Fantasy and Lightspeed


(Not awarded 1994-2003)


An innovator in laser software, founder of Pangolin Laser Systems, and a strong supporter of ILDA's work


A pioneering laserist whose newsletters, conferences, website and book helped educate and inspire many laserists, and who was a strong supporter of ILDA's work


Early light artist who transitioned into lasers; founder of Audio Visual Imagineering. AVI was an early user of computer laser graphics and is #2 on the all-time list of ILDA Award winners (as of 2006).


President of Pangolin Laser Systems, recipient of numerous ILDA Awards, developer of advanced software and hardware systems, and a strong supporter of ILDA's work.


(Due to a numbering change, there were no awards called “2008 ILDA Awards”. The awards went directly from 2007 to 2009.


President of Lighting Systems Design Inc., tireless proponent of the safe use of lasers. ILDA Safety Committee chair since its inception. A strong supporter of ILDA's work.


Founder and leader of LOBO, one of the major laser light show companies. LOBO has won more ILDA Awards than any other company, and has been a strong supporter of ILDA's work.


A pioneer in laser computer graphics, who was heavily involved in ILDA's formative years. He served four terms as ILDA President.


President of LaserNet for 36 years, especially well-known for beam shows, a Founding Member of ILDA, and 4-time host of ILDA Conferences (as of 2012; he hosted again for a fifth time in 2014).


Founder of KVANT Ltd., which helped bring high quality lasers with affordable prices to the market.


Founding Member of ILDA, past President 2006-2011, Awards Committee chair 1993-2000 and 2006-present. His company Laser Spectacles has won 28 ILDA Awards, and is one of the first two "ILDA Accredited Professional Lasershow Company" Members.


Pioneering German laserist, developer of innovative scanners and laser systems. ILDA Board Member, President, and co-host of the 2000 ILDA Conference.


Head of Orion-Art Multimedia (winner of 47 ILDA Awards as of 2016), helping to improve Russian lasershows’ quality and safety, and host of the 2011 ILDA Conference.


All-time ILDA Award winner as of 2017, three terms on the ILDA Board of Directors, two-time host or co-host of the ILDA Conference.


Pioneering performing live laserist, 27 years with Laser Images Inc. (Laserium®) and trainer of many other early laserists.


Founder of Laser Entertainment srl of Milan, artistic and technical award winner, ILDA Board member and President


Vice President, LaserNet (Laser Production Network) ILDA Board member and President. Conference Committee chair. Host or co-host of six ILDA Conferences.


Frederick Fenning worked at Laser Displays Inc. and Image Engineering Corp., two early pioneers of laser graphics. He developed many innovative lasershow devices and techniques crucial to laser light show development.

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