ILDA Board and officers

ILDA is governed by a five-member Board of Directors elected by the membership. Elections are held during the Business Meeting, which is part of the annual ILDA Conference.

  • Each director serves a term of two years. A director may run for re-election if he or she wishes.
  • The President is a Board member, who is elected by ILDA Members. The vote is held each year, just after Board elections have finished. Board members are asked if they want to run for President. If only one person accepts, they become President. If more than one person accepts, then there is an election where Members vote for their choice.
In its first 35 years, ILDA has had 42 directors. A text list of past Board members is on the ILDA history page, and we have a timeline graphic showing the Board members and their terms.

ILDA Board and President

Brian Gonzalez, ILDA President
Term expires at the 2025 meeting

Roberta McHatton
Laser Safety Services, US
Term expires at the 2025 meeting

Theo Petrides
Individual Member, US
Term expires at the 2024 meeting

Horacio Pugliese
LaserNet, US
Term expires at the 2024 meeting

Christopher Short
Individual Member, US
Term expires at the 2024 meeting

You can write to individual Board Members by searching the ILDA online directory for their name (or if they are not the company contact, search for their company's name).

If you want to write to all Board members at once, use this address:

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ILDA Secretary

David Kumpula

From the ILDA Bylaws: "The Secretary shall be responsible for all correspondence, notifications, and other communications as requested by the President or Executive Director. The Secretary shall handle requests for general membership information and shall, accordingly and upon such request, be responsible for disseminating such information. The Secretary shall assist the Executive Director and host company in coordinating annual General Membership Meetings."

ILDA Executive Director
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Photo courtesy Mike Gould

The Executive Director is hired by the Board to run ILDA's day-to-day operations. In most cases, if you have an issue or question, you should first contact the Executive Director.

Patrick Murphy

Past Executive Directors
David Lytle: Aug. 2003 - Jan. 2006
Page Howard: ? 2002 - Aug. 2003
Linda Hare: Nov. 1994 - ? 2002
Barbara Inatsugu: Aug. 1986 (ILDA's founding) - Nov. 1994


Committees do much of the work of the association. For a list of committees and contact information, click here.

For more information, visit our other ILDA websites:

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