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One of the benefits of ILDA Membership is to be included in our online directories. These list Members under the location of the main office. Only one location can be listed per Member.

Listing branch offices in the Description text

If you are a Member and want your company's branch offices listed, you can do this yourself. Just log in to ILDA’s Member & Event Management website, and edit the Description field. For example, add “Offices in New York, London, and Cairo.”

Note however, that there will be only one entry in any printed or online directory that lists Members by location. In the previous example, the ILDA Member would be listed only under “United States”. There would not be other listings under the U.K. or Egypt.

Therefore, if you really want a branch office to be listed, the branch office must have its own ILDA Membership. This is the only way to ensure that it appears as a separate listing, and is searchable in the online Membership Database by city, postal code, and country.

Advantages of separate Memberships for branch offices

You may prefer to have a separate ILDA Membership for each of your major branch offices. This has many advantages:

  • Anyone looking for a laser company in the branch office's country will see the listing. This is true both for ILDA's online and printed lists.
  • The branch office can have full contact information printed, including local address, telephone/fax and website. It can even have a different Description.
  • Your company looks larger and more impressive when there are two or more ILDA Memberships listed.
  • The cost is reasonable -- consider it as part of your marketing budget. Even getting a single job because a client can more easily find your local listing, will pay for the branch office's membership.
  • Each listing has its own Membership benefits, such as voting rights. You will have twice the input into ILDA!
To apply for the branch office’s Membership, see the Join ILDA page.

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