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2022 ILDA Conference

The 2022 ILDA Conference will be in Dartford, a town 18 miles southeast of London. It is hosted by ER Productions. They will have a tour of their headquarters, as well as all official ILDA events taking place in the facility.

The main Conference dates are Thursday 3 November through Saturday 5 November, 2022. On Wednesday 2 Nov. and Thursday 3 Nov. are laser safety classes. There is an optional post-Conference bus tour of London on Sunday 6 Nov.

Below is an invitation video below from ER, with a very special personal welcome!

2022 Conference dates

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2022 Conference schedule

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To be held at ER Productions' worldwide headquarters

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See what a Conference is like

The videos below give you a quick overview of what an ILDA Conference is like. The first one, from Christopher Short, shows lasers during the 2018 Lase-Off in Montréal, hosted by LaserTech Canada.

The second video shows meetings and seminars in the day, and the Lase-Off and the ILDA Awards in the evenings. The informal discussions in halls and bars, can be just as fun and important to your business as the official events. Thanks to KVANT, host of the 2017 ILDA Conference, for producing the video.

Helpful information

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