• About the ILDA Awards

  • About the ILDA Awards

2015 ILDA Awards Banquet presentation in Dubai

One of ILDA's most important programs and Member benefits is the annual ILDA Awards. This gives Members the opportunity to gain recognition for their hard work and high-quality shows. The Awards can be described in ads and other marketing materials. ILDA Awards help prove a company's ability to do world-class laser shows.

Since 1988, ILDA has held an Awards program for Members. There are three main judging categories:

  • The Artistic Awards cover virtually all aspects of modern laser displays, from the creation of individual laser graphics to the production of huge outdoor shows.
  • The Technical Awards, named for pioneering laserist Fred Fenning, honor technological achievement that advances the industry.
  • The Career Achievement Award is ILDA's highest honor, given for work spanning many years in the area of show quality, innovation, and industry service.
In addition, a Special Achievement Award is given periodically by the Board of Directors, for significant work outside of the main ILDA Award categories.

For a chart showing all past ILDA artistic and technical award winners, see this page. Winners for each year can be viewed using the menu; go to Awards and then each individual year under the heading "PAST ILDA AWARD WINNERS".

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Photo credits: Top, 2015 ILDA Awards, photo by 3rd Dimension EvenTech. 2014 Award winners, photo by Patrick Murphy, ILDA