• We invite you to come join ILDA!

  • We invite you to come join ILDA!

The world’s leading association for laser show professionals

Membership in the International Laser Display Association is open to companies, organizations and individuals who manufacture or use laser display devices or services. There are five categories of Membership: Corporate, Nonprofit, Individual, Hobbyist and Student. These are described below.

Members must affirm their commitment to safe laser shows, and to ILDA's Code of Ethics and Code of Business Practice. A complete list of requirements is here.

For more information about the many activities and benefits of ILDA membership, click here.

To apply for ILDA Membership, click the button above to go to the Join ILDA page at our Member & Event Management website. If you have any questions or problems, feel free to email or call us directly.

We look forward to having you join us!

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ILDA Members who attended the Awards Banquet held during the 2015 Conference in Dubai. Previous conferences have been held in locations such as Germany, Russia, China, Netherlands, Italy, the U.S. — and even on board cruise ships.

ILDA Professional accreditation

ILDA also has a program where companies can gain special accreditation based on professional experience. The “ILDA Pro” designation can be earned by Corporate Members as well as by non-members.

For more information, see the ILDA Professional page.

The five types of ILDA Memberships


Choosing between Corporate, Individual, Hobbyist and Student

If you are doing laser shows commercially and wish to use your ILDA membership and the ILDA Member logo to promote your business, you should be a Corporate Member. Even if you are just one person and not a corporation or LLC, you still can join as a Corporate Member if you are doing commercial shows and want to use your ILDA membership and ILDA Member logo to promote your business.

If you are a person who is not employed by an ILDA Corporate or Nonprofit Member, you are eligible for an Individual, Hobbyist or Student membership. You can decide whether you prefer to join as an Individual or as a Hobbyist (or if you are a full-time registered student, you may choose to join as a Student).

Your choice may depend on how you wish to be listed, the benefits such as votes that you wish to receive, and the dues that you wish to pay.
  • Individual Members have one vote, can run for the Board of Directors, and can be voting members of a committee. Annual dues are $130.
  • Hobbyist and Student Members do not have a vote, cannot run for the Board of Directors, and cannot be voting members of a committee (they can participate in the committee discussions). Annual dues are $95 for Hobbyists and $50 for Students.
Individual, Hobbyist and Student Members cannot use their ILDA membership to promote commercial laser display activities. If you are doing laser displays commercially, join as a Corporate or Nonprofit Member.

For more information, see the page Restrictions on Individual, Hobbyist & Student Members.

For more information, visit our other ILDA websites:

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