• Vote for the 2023 Career Achievement Award

  • Vote for the 2023 Career Achievement Award

The deadline for voting for the 2023 ILDA Career Achievement Award has passed. Thanks to everyone who voted. We have notified the person who won for 2023. The public announcement of the CAA recipient will be at the 2023 ILDA Conference on September 19 during the Awards dinner and presentation.

The remainder of this page is left for reference, even though the deadline to vote has already passed.

About the Award

This award honors "an exceptional individual with a distinguished history of achievement in the laser display industry."

Nominees for the Career Achievement Award do not have to be a past or present ILDA Member -- he or she can be anyone who worked or achieved in the industry.

Past recipients of the Career Achievement Award can be divided into three broad categories:

  • People who helped build significant laser display-related businesses
  • People who made artistic and technical achievements
  • People who worked to improve ILDA and the laser display industry
In whatever areas they worked, the Career Achievement Award recipient should have made significant and lasting achievements in the field of laser display, and should be a person of integrity.

How to vote

Current 2023 ILDA Corporate, Nonprofit and Individual Members will receive email links to the 2023 Career Achievement Award ballot page. (Hobbyist and Student Members are not eligible to vote.)

Simply review the five nominees below and pick your favorite. You must pick one name from this list; no "write in" votes can be accepted. If you have trouble choosing, some additional suggestions about factors to consider are in the CAA section of this page.

VOTING PROCEDURE: ILDA Members have been sent an email with a link to their ballot. Once you have chosen your favorite, click the "Vote" link in the email to go to the actual voting ballot. Voting must be done by Tuesday June 20 at 11:59 pm UTC.

ILDA Corporate Members get 2, 3 or 4 votes. All votes will be cast for the same person, unless the Corporate Member contacts ILDA instead to get a special "split vote" ballot. See the section below "How the votes are counted" to find out more.

2023 Career Achievement Award nominees

Click on a name below, to read about that nominee. The information below was submitted either by the nominee, or by the person who submitted the nomination. The text may have been shortened or organized for space reasons, and may have been edited for improved grammar. Names are listed in random order, changed each time the page is re-fetched from the ILDA website.

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