• 2023 Laser Photography voting

  • 2023 Laser Photography voting

2019 Second Place winner: ”Lightliquid” by LOBO. Contrast lowered so headline letters stand out.

2019 Second Place winner: ”Lightliquid” by LOBO. Contrast lowered so headline letters stand out.

The deadline for voting for the 2023 ILDA Laser Photography Awards has passed. Thanks to the Members who entered, and the Members who voted for their favorite photos. Those votes have been counted. Soon we will privately notify winners and non-winners. The public announcement of the ILDA Award winners will be at the 2023 ILDA Conference on September 19 during the Awards dinner and presentation.

The remainder of this page is left for reference, even though the deadline to vote has already passed.

How to vote

All current 2023 ILDA Members, including Student Members, are eligible to vote for the 2023 Laser Photography Award.

Look through all of the photos below. Click on any image to see a larger-sized view and a description supplied by the entrant. Choose your favorites. You can have as many favorites as you wish. Just order them, so you know which one is your #1 favorite, which is #2, which is #3, etc. You do not need to order all photos — just as many as you think are especially worthy of being included.

VOTING PROCEDURE: ILDA Members have been sent an email with a link to the voting website. Once you have chosen your favorites, click the link in the email to go to the actual voting page. Voting must be done by Tuesday June 20 at 11:59 pm UTC.

The top three favorites will receive First, Second and Third Place ILDA Awards. Winners will be privately notified after voting ends, and will be publicly announced at the ILDA Conference in North Carolina, hosted by Emerald Owl Productions.
VOTING DETAILS: Each ILDA Member will receive one email with the voting link. The email is sent to the main email address of your ILDA Membership record at ildamember.com. If you did not receive a voting email at this address, contact ILDA. If you do not vote you will get an automatic reminder every three days until you vote or until the voting ends. You can only vote once — the software knows when your link vote has been used.
Note about the picture or captions being cut off: You may need to adjust the browser's window size and/or proportions (make it wider or narrower) if part of the image or caption is cut off. It is probably best to use a tablet, laptop or desktop — not a phone — so you can judge the photos in larger detail.

2023 Laser Photography entries

2023 Laser Photography entries

  • 3D Printed Laser Lens
    3D Printed Laser Lens
    Testing 3D printed laser lenses on a Form2.
  • Argon Kryptonite
    Argon Kryptonite
    Testing Reliant 300 Argon/Krypton - dispersion on drywall.
  • Beam Floating with Lasers
    Beam Floating with Lasers
    This is a photo taken during a video shoot. The camera was able to capture the beams floating in mid air due to the rolling shutter.
  • Contact
    This is a promo photo taken during shooting a new model of sky laser. Finding special locations that could be pointed out from long dstances.
  • Dickens' Dream
    Dickens' Dream
    The intent was to create an image of a foggy Christmas night in 19th century London reminiscent of Charles Dickens' visual imagery. This incredibly complicated glow-in-the dark (GITD) image comprised of sixty-thousand hand-drawn points and reproduced by a single laser projector. Upon completing the GITD background, the laser then projected a complicated visible overlay along with some traditional laser lumia.
  • Electric Eye
    Electric Eye
    Electric Eye is a vivid image made to have an electric aura with the cool blue and yellow tones and red pupil-like areas.
  • Embroidery
    Embroidery on a fabric, stretched on a wood hoop is popular around the world. But can that scene be created with laser? Here is a 'stitching art' in progress - drawn with laser as the medium!
  • Eye of Sauron
    Eye of Sauron
    This is an exploration of several different types of lumia, using several different colors. A yellow-ish laser (which my camera renders as green) made a circle (bouncing a fan-mounted FS mirror) around bilateral imagery (which is RGB: 368nm, 520nm, and 445nm). My new 589nm golden laser pointer produced the iris in the middle, using lateral lumia. I didn’t set out to depict Sauron, but the resultant image reminded me of him.
  • Golden Lotus
    Golden Lotus
    This is an example of how math and repeating symmetries can describe shapes that occur in nature. In this case a golden lotus is created by sine waves that change the size relationship between two simple circles. Sacred geometry and nature. It’s all the same at the end of the day.
  • GrateRed
    Testing a high density grating.
  • History vs. Technology
    History vs. Technology
    This is a promo photo taken during shooting a new model of sky laser. Pointing out a comparison between old historical buildings with the latest modern laser technology.
  • Laser Portal Blue
    Laser Portal Blue
    Laser portal (blue).
  • Laser Portal Red
    Laser Portal Red
    Laser portal (red).
  • Law of Attraction
    Law of Attraction
    A red, spherical object, in the process of being slowly pulled into – and pulled apart by – a wormhole glowing in an otherworldly green: The gravitational pull depicted in this stunning laser photograph conveys a three-dimensional imagery, playing with the complexity of the two different shapes and creating a rather fascinating interpretation of scientific phenomena. The 'Law of Attraction' thus does not only describe the principle in which the green hole exerts influence over the red mass, but also the interesting visual feat that keenly draws the eye to the contrasting shapes.
  • Liquid Colors in Sky
    Liquid Colors in Sky
    Created an aurora borealis effect in sky.
  • Matoma - Sentrum Scene - Oslo
    Matoma - Sentrum Scene - Oslo
    Matoma at Sentrum Scene, Oslo 2022
  • Purple Rain
    Purple Rain
    In the dark, arid desert, a lone cactus is bathed in a rain of colorful light droplets… At least, this is the effect of the 'Purple Rain' cleverly created via a gentle downpour of water, illuminated by laser light. The photographer captured the perfect shot of the little plant as the droplets are seemingly suspended in mid-air, each of them taking on a pink or purple hue that fills the image; even the spines of the succulent appear to glow against the dark backdrop.
  • Ring of Power
    Ring of Power
    'One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them' -– this 'Ring of Power' may not have been forged in magical fires by dwarves and elves, but instead in mystifying, complex swirls of laser beams by crafty laser designers. With bold, primary colors interwoven into an overlapped, circular shape with an illusion of depth, the darkness in the center stands out, illuminated by the light surrounding it, pulling the viewer towards it. Perhaps it really is a mesmerizing artifact, after all?
  • River of Haze
    River of Haze
    This picture was a moment of serendipity for an ESPN shoot - the lasers and the haze inside the tunnel set created an upside down river effect!
  • Sauron
    Sauron is a fiery image with a central white area that gives a piercing effect that was inspired by black hole imagery and by the Lord of the Rings' 'The Eye'.
  • Sky Lasers Over F1
    Sky Lasers Over F1
    This is a photo from F1 Grand Prix 2023 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It was taken after the announcing the race winners which was the highlight of the event.
  • Spore
    This is a long exposure abstract photograph. It’s from some experimentation I’ve been doing around abstracts with non-standard symmetries and treating abstracts as objects that might actually exist in physical space.
  • The Duke Attacks
    The Duke Attacks
    This was an art installation during a city art festival. We had to create a connection between the ducal castle of Celle with the famous old town. For this we linked the whole city with a strong beam leading to the castle.
  • TIX 01 - Oslo Spektrum 2023
    TIX 01 - Oslo Spektrum 2023
    Alone on stage, TIX fills Oslo Spektrum twice in a day with 18,000 people, January 2023.
  • TIX 02 - Oslo Spektrum 2023
    TIX 02 - Oslo Spektrum 2023
    Alone on stage, TIX fills Oslo Spektrum twice in a day with 18,000 people, January 2023.

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