2020 Cloud Conference

Due to the ongoing coronavirus situation in the U.S., the ILDA Board voted in July 2020 to move the ILDA Conference, originally scheduled for November 2020 in Delaware. (Thanks to Brad Billet for offering to host.)

Our new Conference destination is ... the Cloud! Yes,
we will be having a virtual conference using videoconferencing to get together. While we all will miss seeing friends and colleagues in person, the Cloud Conference also makes travel much easier as well as making expenses much, much lower.

We expect that many of our traditional Conference activities will translate to the Cloud:

  • We will be holding a general business meeting which is required by the Bylaws. There will be reports on the association plus voting for Board members, President and on any motions.
  • We will be presenting the 2020 ILDA Awards. You'll get to see the winning entries and hear from the award recipients, live.
  • We can present seminars on new technology, art & production, the Awards, IDN, safety and other traditional topics.
  • We may be able to have a live, online Laser Jockey contest with entrants streaming from their home or office laser studio.
  • We'll have informal online get-togethers -- bring your favorite beverages -- to help take the place of late-night meetings at the bar.

It is likely that the Cloud Conference activities will be spread out, one or two events per day, instead of being concentrated into two days as with the in-person Conferences. We will be aware of time zone differences and strive to be flexible. Activities will be recorded for Members who cannot attend live.

We may also present the ILDA Awards separately from the Cloud Conference, so that persons who won can receive their awards earlier.

As of July 2020, detailed planning for the ILDA Cloud Conference has just started. As we get more information, we'll let you know via email and this webpage.

If you have any suggestions, and especially if you have production experience with large-scale online events like this, please
write or call to let us know. Any tech/production help is welcomed.

Finally, we are also looking forward to our next in-person Conference. I
n November 2021, we'll be in London for a big welcome-back bash hosted by ER Productions.

In the meantime, the 2020 ILDA Cloud Conference will be fun, educational ... and a very novel experience!

-- Patrick Murphy, ILDA Executive Director

On behalf of the ILDA Board of Directors (Brian Gonzalez, President; Brad Billet; Olga Eser; Roberta McHatton and Christopher Short), the ILDA Conference Committee (Christine Jenkin, chair) and the ILDA Awards Committee (Richard Gonsalves, chair)

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