2020 ILDA Conference survey

ILDA does not have a host for 2020, so we are setting up the Conference ourselves. We had planned on a cruise from Miami.

But with growing coronavirus concerns, ILDA is rethinking its 2020 Conference plans. No one yet knows whether coronavirus will be under control and manageable by November, though the cruise line thinks the situation will have stabilized by August.

Out of caution, the Board of Directors is therefore asking Members for their opinions on various options. First read over the information below, then fill out and submit the form.

Thank you for giving us your views! And note that we are looking forward to a great Conference in London in 2021, hosted by ER Productions who have already begun planning for the event.

2020 ILDA Conference options


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We would go on a four-night cruise on Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas.

We would leave from Miami on Monday, Nov. 9, visit Nassau on Nov. 10, have most ILDA events at sea on Nov. 11, visit a private island on Nov. 12, and return on Friday, Nov. 13.

ILDA Member David Kumpula told us: "I was on that ship for a Christmas 2017 cruise to the Western Caribbean islands. It was a lovely trip with great service, food, entertainment and accommodations. In addition, that ship had some of the nicest interior spaces including an ice skating rink and large interior 'mall-like spaces' that were nice for taking a stroll, getting a drink/coffee, etc."


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We would meet on land, in a hotel like recent past conferences.

The location would probably be Orlando (again) since there is no host. We would try to get the same hotel as they are familiar with our requirements. Here is the info from last year.


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We would have online meetings and seminars, plus the ILDA Awards announced and videos presented online. This would be done over Cisco Webex or similar teleconferencing.

There would probably be fewer and shorter seminars, and faster Awards, since it would be hard to spend all day in front of a computer. Plus people's attention is not always fully focused when they're on an online meeting.


Cruise cost starting at $620
The approximate cruise cost for all 4 nights total would be around $470 per person, double occupancy (2 to an interior room). You can upgrade to an ocean view room for about $100 more, or a balcony room for another $100 more. This includes all food; drinks besides water are extra.

Add to this the ILDA Conference registration cost of about $150.

Thus the lowest cruise Conference cost would be $620 for the cruise+ILDA, for someone staying in an interior room with another person who also is paying $470 for the cabin (e.g., a spouse, friend or fellow ILDA Member).

Some activities in Nassau and on the private island cost extra, such as tours, thrill waterpark, zip lines etc.
Hotel cost starting at $982
Last year the hotel room rate was $139 per night though we cannot guarantee the same rate. This includes breakfast.

The ILDA Conference rate was $565 for early registration (by June 1). The Conference required three nights (arrival/welcome reception, seminars and Lase-Off, more seminars and Awards). Lunches and dinners are included.

Thus the lowest hotel Conference cost would be $982 for someone coming three nights and attending the full ILDA Conference.

Some activities outside the hotel cost extra, such as tours, theme parks, attractions, etc.
Online cost no more than $150
There would be some nominal cost to join the online sessions. We do not have figures yet, so let's estimate the same $150 as the cruise ILDA registration — hopefully lower.


Cruise pros
  • Low cost for attendees and for ILDA
  • "Different" — we haven't done a cruise in ten years
  • Good weather for November; often we are in cold regions
  • Can spend extra time in Miami or other Florida cities before or after the cruise
Hotel pros
  • Similar to last 10 years of Conferences
  • Able to come and go, and attend single sessions or events
  • Shorter — 3 nights instead of the 4-night cruise
  • Can spend extra time in the host city (probably Orlando) or other Florida cities before or after the Conference
Online pros
  • Lowest cost for both participants and for ILDA
  • Requires least time commitment. Not only is travel eliminated, but the meetings, seminars and Awards would be shorter than normal.
  • No coronavirus or other travel concerns.


Cruise cons
  • Coronavirus concerns — will it be under control by November? Note that the cruise line is taking extra health precautions since they do not want people to stop cruising. They are also giving credits to anyone canceling a cruise before July 31, 2020. This indicates they think the coronavirus situation will stabilize by August.
  • Requires a four-night commitment; it is not possible to come in for a single day or event
  • Some persons may be susceptible to seasickness or otherwise not like cruising
Hotel cons
  • Coronavirus concerns — will it be under control by November? Probably easier to control in hotels than on cruise ships.
  • Highest cost; about 150% more than a cruise and much more than online sessions.
  • We were just in Orlando last year. While it is likely there are other attractions you can go to, different from last year, you may feel "I've already been there."
Online cons
  • "No fun" sitting in front of a computer for a number of hours. Inevitable distractions and boredom during the online events.
  • No opportunity for in-person networking. At any conference, interactions with people outside of official events can be very worthwhile.
  • Lower participation. Some persons may not be able to make the live events owing to schedule, interruptions, time differences, etc.


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The first questions ask about your interest in each option. Note that you do not have to pick just one type of Conference. If you want, you can say "Yes" to 2 or all 3 of the options.

After that, you get to pick your first, second and third choice.

Finally, there is a free-form text field where you can enter comments etc.

Please tell us your interest regarding each option

Rank your favorites

Any additional comments

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