• 2022 Laser Photography voting

  • 2022 Laser Photography voting

2019 Second Place winner: ”Lightliquid” by LOBO. Contrast lowered so headline letters stand out.

2019 Second Place winner: ”Lightliquid” by LOBO. Contrast lowered so headline letters stand out.

The deadline for voting for the 2022 ILDA Laser Photography Awards has passed. Thanks to the Members who entered, and the Members who voted for their favorite photos. Those votes have been counted. We have privately notified winners and non-winners. The public announcement of the ILDA Award winners will be at the 2022 ILDA Conference on November 5 during the Awards dinner and presentation.

Here are the voting results:

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There were 23 photos that were entered. 180 ILDA Members were asked to rank their favorites. 48 Members voted during the July 7 -18 voting period. A #1 favorite got 23 votes, a #2 favorite got 22 votes, and so forth down to the #23 favorite (last) which received 1 vote. Voters did not have to rank all entries; any unranked entries received 0 points from that voter. To keep the voting results anonymous, the entries have been given a letter identifier in descending order of votes, from Entry A — the First Place winner of course — to Entry W which was ranked as #23.

The remainder of this page is left for reference, even though the deadline to vote has already passed.

How to vote

All current 2022 ILDA Members, including Student Members, are eligible to vote for the 2022 Laser Photography Award.

Look through all of the photos below. Click on any image to see a larger-sized view and a description supplied by the entrant. Choose your favorites. You can have as many favorites as you wish. Just order them, so you know which one is your #1 favorite, which is #2, which is #3, etc. You do not need to order all photos — just as many as you think are especially worthy of being included.

VOTING PROCEDURE: ILDA Members have been sent an email with a link to the voting website. Once you have chosen your favorites, click the link in the email to go to the actual voting page. Voting must be done by Monday July 18 at 11:59 pm UTC.

The top three favorites will receive First, Second and Third Place ILDA Awards. Winners will be privately notified after voting ends, and will be publicly announced Saturday Nov. 5 at the ILDA Conference in London, hosted by ER Productions.
VOTING DETAILS: Each ILDA Member will receive one email with the voting link. The email is sent to the main email address of your ILDA Membership record at ildamember.com. If you did not receive a voting email at this address, contact ILDA. If you do not vote you will get an automatic reminder every three days until you vote or until the voting ends. You can only vote once — the software knows when your link vote has been used.
Note about the picture or captions being cut off: You may need to adjust the browser's window size and/or proportions (make it wider or narrower) if part of the image or caption is cut off. It is probably best to use a tablet, laptop or desktop — not a phone — so you can judge the photos in larger detail.

2022 Laser Photography entries

2022 Laser Photography entries

  • Ablaze
    Ablaze is a multi-layered single projection effect and when combined with just the right amount of haze creates a unique fiery scene.
  • Alien Hexagon
    Alien Hexagon
    Bringing geometric shapes to life is one of my favorite things to do with lasers. This photo was from a laser show featuring the movement of different geometric shapes. Even in it's frozen state I love it.
  • Argon Remembrance
    Argon Remembrance
    I snapped this photo while setting up bounce mirrors for a show at a friend's bar/club. The room was an alley between two buildings around the turn of the century. On the left you can see an old hand-painted ad which would have been on the outside of the building. I particularly liked the contrast between the red lighting of the room and my attempt to make the sculpture cyan to look like an old Argon laser with just green and blue (brought out with a little DG).
  • Bad Moon Rising
    Bad Moon Rising
    Bad Moon Rising was a project I started to make abstract use of termination points. The lasers in this photo create a bouquet of colors with the 'moon' rising in the center.
  • Balloons
    [No Statement of Intent submitted]
  • Black Hole Eclipse
    Black Hole Eclipse
    Out of a deep, black void, fine laser brush lines spiral and fray out into the darkness; the last glimpse of an otherworldly purple sun peeks out as it is swallowed by the seemingly impossible 'Black Hole Eclipse,' straight out of the science-fiction genre. The merging of laser techniques demonstrates a thrilling perspective trick that draws the viewer in – much like the outer-space phenomenon that inspired this image.
  • Butterfly in Flower Forest
    Butterfly in Flower Forest
    I enjoy painting folk art with traditional colors, which which gives me a soul-satisfaction. But to create that form of art with laser - using the 21st Century high-tech for painting brush, vibrant colors, and lumia effect - is a different kind of challenge and thrill where art meets with science in unity. 'Butterfly in Flower Forest' actually goes a step beyond that - it is an experimental art created predominantly with laser, mixed with lumia and fluorescent papers under UV. For photography, a DSLR camera was used, captured in a single click and no digital post enhancement was done.
  • Cyberpunk Blossom
    Cyberpunk Blossom
    Deep in the darkness of a futuristic world, a single flower blooms: vivid neon colors produce a mesh-like structure of petals from which the striking yellow filaments emerge. The yellow laser beams used for this 'Cyberpunk Blossom' were captured in such a way that they create a painterly effect, playfully evoking the bold strokes of glow-in-the-dark paint markers on a dark canvas.
  • Eemia
    This is a photograph of the laser projected Eemian Orrery with the cathedral and video mapped sky. The Eemian Orrery is an interactive laser installation that’s controlled by guests sitting in giant robots. The guests work out puzzles in an attempt to trigger the wormhole and open the sky.
  • Illuminate
    An after-dark immersive experience connecting guests to the natural world like never before. Visitors enter through an ethereal tunnel of fog clouds and journey into the setting sun’s golden haze.
  • Kula
    This is a photo from Belgrade NYE 2021, taken a few hours after the show. All 55 pieces of lasers are on and are radiating single beams around the Kula tower.
  • Laser Pinwheel
    Laser Pinwheel
    Sometimes things just happen and in this case we captured this nice shot from a customer project show. A lot of lasers were used and exactly arranged to create this pinwheel lookalike. You can also see the surrounding laser systems are gonna be driving it to another round of laser energy.
  • My Bird of Paradise
    My Bird of Paradise
    I enjoy painting folk art with traditional colors, which gives me a soul-satisfaction. But to create that form of art with laser - using the 21st Century high-tech for painting brush, vibrant colors, and lumia effect - is a different kind of challenge and thrill where art meets science in unity. Decorated wth a flavor of East Indian floral-art, here is my laser art 'My Bird of Paradise'. For photography, a DSLR camera was used, captured in a single click and no digital post enhancement was done.
  • Nodding Acquaintances
    Nodding Acquaintances
    Rorschach And Awe. This is one of our newest custom-built laser art emitters; it projects a symmetrical pattern of laser lumia that takes it to a new and awesome artistic aesthetic. Building on the technology we developed for 2020's Lighted Art Festival, Rorschach and Awe features 3 colors of wispy lumia that form images that are bi-laterally symmetrical, creating projections that resemble mutant butterflies or other fantastical creatures. The imagery is controlled from a small console that visitors can play with: sliders, knobs, and buttons provide instant feedback when manipulated.
  • Penati
    This is a photo from Penati golf resort in Slovakia, taken during its anniversary. The fog is natural and the water screen is like a mirror.
  • Pleased to Meet Me
    Pleased to Meet Me
    Rorschach And Awe is a custom-designed and built lumia projector that produces bilaterally-symmetrical Lumia imagery. Best seen as video, but this still image tells the tale.
  • Radiant
    A radiant stream of energy carves a colorful path across the canyon. With the laser scan-rate and camera exposure, water droplets form magical chain highlights.
  • Synchrony
    Nature and technology co-exist with the soft colorful glow of the falls, the misty laser sheet and the moon watching over.
  • Tesla Coil
    Tesla Coil
    Danger, danger! High voltage! This strange device appears to have been taken right out of an eccentric scientist’s research facility, but it is, in fact, an elaborate laser projection. These red and white laser beams create a stunning three-dimensional effect that culminates in the wispy sparks of the 'Tesla Coil' colliding in the center. A truly electrifying piece of laser art!
  • The Upside Down
    The Upside Down
    The Upside Down is a Stranger Things-inspired laser atmospheric effect that utilizes deep reds and blues to accent a dark and spooky scene.
  • Waves 1
    Waves 1
    A picture of the Roberto Bolle dance show "Waves"
  • Waves 2
    Waves 2
    A second picture of the Roberto Bolle dance show "Waves"
  • Waves 3
    Waves 3
    Another nice picture of the Roberto Bolle dance show "Waves"

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