2008 ILDA Members

The following companies, organizations and individuals were ILDA Members during calendar year 2008. Members added late in the year may not be on this list. If a company is not on the list but believes it should be, or vice versa, contact ILDA.

Note that the Individual category was renamed Individual/Hobbyist in May 2016. Membership listings before that date use the old name, “Individual”.

  • 2008 Corporate Level 1Open or Close

    Annual lasershow revenues above USD $1,000,000. Dues are $1000 per year. 4 ILDA votes.

    Cirrect Laser Scientific Co., Ltd.
    HB Laserkomponenten
    LaserAnimation SOLLINGER
    Laser Entertainment srl
    Laserimage b. v.
    Lightwave International, Inc.
    LOBO electronic GmbH
    Neo-Neon Laser
    Pangolin Laser Systems

  • 2008 Corporate Level 2Open or Close

    Annual lasershow revenues between $250,000 and $1,000,000. Dues are $500 per year. 3 ILDA votes.

    A&P Instrument Co., Ltd.
    AT Laser Technology
    Beamin Lasers
    BOCATEC Sales & Rent GmbH & Co.KG
    Definitive Special Projects
    Dionisys Rental and Sales
    DTL Lasertechnology
    Image Engineering
    Jaleo Sonido
    Laser Design Productions
    Laser Production Network (LaserNet)
    LM Productions
    Mediam Ltd.
    Mundo Odnum
    Omicron Laserage Laserprodukte
    Orion-Art Production
    Technological Artisans
    Theo Dari -- Laserman
    Xarrin Advanced Technologies

  • 2008 Corporate Level 3Open or Close

    Annual lasershow revenues less than $250,000. Dues are $250 per year. 2 ILDA votes.

    3rd Dimension Eventech
    Aardvark FX
    Absolute Hollywood, Inc.
    A C Laser Hire
    , Andreas Juergens
    Advanced Laser Productions
    AixiZ LLC
    Alex Engineering LT
    Arctos Showlasertechnik
    Artistic Laser Productions
    Art Laser Technology Co., Ltd.
    Beijing Viasho Technology Co. Ltd.
    Big Dipper Laser Technology
    (Argentina distributor)
    Clandestine Systems
    Collimated FX
    Concept Laser
    Connecticut Lasers
    Creative Laser Production
    DayStar Lasers International
    DJ LaserShow
    DJ Traximus
    Dynamic Lighting Systems
    eBeam Solutions
    Electric Dreamz Mobile Discoteque
    FFP Laser Systems
    Genius Laser Technology
    Gooch and Housego (NEOS)
    Global Laser Systeme
    Green Light Productions
    Hawaiian Laser Light Designs
    HongKong LaserKing Tec
    Impact Technologies
    Intelligent Laser
    International Laser and Light
    J&K Laser Productions
    Jan Kruithof Laser Events
    JENOPTIK Laser, Optik, System
    Kvant Ltd.
    Laser Action U. K.
    , Greece
    Laser Dynamics
    Lasereffect Technology
    Laser Electronics Ltd.
    Laser Grafix
    Laserharps.com (Mountain Glen Harps)
    Laser Image Productions
    Laserimage - Royal Disco
    Laser Know How
    Laserland Australasia
    LaserLight Magic
    Laserlight Showdesign
    (Washington state)
    Laseronics Design Interstellar - ME
    Laser Productions Ltd.
    Laser Rentals
    Laser Safety Officer John Zelenka
    Laser Show Design, Inc.
    Lasershow Parts
    Laser Shows SRL
    Lasersmith Light Show Systems
    Laser Spectacles
    Laser Tech UK Ltd.
    Laser Technology Ltd.
    Laser Wizardry
    Laser X
    Lightco snc
    Lighting Systems Design Inc.
    Limit Elektronik
    Logic Systems Inc.
    Lotos-SK / SK Produkcija
    Lumina Visual Productions
    Lynx Laser UK
    Magical Water Fountains
    Mountain Megabytes / Laser Dance
    Mueller Elektronik
    NFI Group
    Nth Degree Creative
    Nu-Salt Laser Light Shows
    P. C. Podimatas A. V.
    Peachtree Laser
    Production Design International
    Prolaser Ltd.
    t (Croatia)
    pure-illusion Events
    RIYA Co. Ltd.
    RPI Entertainment & Media Group
    RPI Entertainment & Media Group | Pakistan
    Samlaser Display
    , Italy
    Showtacle Ltd.
    Sjappa ans
    Skylaser Efeitos LT
    Smart Electronic
    Stockholm Lasers - Tecnica Humana
    Strictly FX
    SwissLas Braun & Gueller
    TLC Creative Productions
    Top Laser Show
    Scott Wagmeister

  • 2008 Nonprofit MembersOpen or Close

    ILDA dues $125 per year. 1 ILDA vote.

    C. A.C., S.A. - L'Hemisfèric
    GH Rotary Musical Lights Project
    Health Protection Agency
    (U. K.)
    Laser Guy Productions
    Miami Space Transit Planetarium
    Planetarium Hamburg

  • 2008 Individual MembersOpen or Close

    ILDA dues $125 per year. 1 ILDA vote.

    John Birchman
    Winfried Brand
    Adam Burns
    Matthew Dickson
    John Faith
    Randy Ficken
    Michael Fuller
    Richard Gonsalves
    Gary Harper
    Takehiro Hayashi
    Swa Hendrickx
    Malcolm Hignett
    Adrian Labrie
    Ken Lantis
    Mark Leidig
    Rainer Moor
    Adrian (aje) Moussa
    Craig Nelson
    Alain Neuens
    Ray Philpot
    Bas Raijmakers
    Randall Rivers
    L. Michael Roberts
    Jorge Suarez
    Paul Williams

  • 2008 Student MembersOpen or Close

    ILDA dues $50 per year. No ILDA voting privilege.

    Ben Steigerwald

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