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Six ways ILDA Members make better shows

Our Members add impact to shows with the purest, most brilliant light in the universe

Proven experience as an ILDA Professional accredited company

ILDA helps keep shows safe and legal; free safety software for Members

Customers buy with confidence when backed by the Code of Ethics

The world’s best laser shows, at the yearly meeting of the world’s best laserists

Using new technologies and developing industry-wide standards

Our Members add impact to shows with the purest, most brilliant light in the universe

Proven experience as an ILDA Professional accredited company

ILDA helps keep shows safe and legal; free safety software for Members

Customers buy with confidence when backed by the Code of Ethics

The world’s best laser shows, at the yearly meeting of the world’s best laserists

Using new technologies and developing industry-wide standards

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Ivan Dryer, 1936-2017

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Ivan Dryer, pioneering laser artist and founder of Laserium® planetarium shows, passed away on July 27, 2017 at the age of 81.

Dryer received the first ILDA Career Achievement Award, in 1989. His CAA citation includes this: “Dryer is universally recognized as the father of the laser show industry. His selection by ILDA as recipient of the first Career Achievement Award underscores his unique place in the history of laser displays.”

When Ivan Dryer was 20, he joined the Griffith Observatory and Planetarium in Los Angeles as an astronomer. He also was an aspiring filmmaker. In late 1970 he collaborated with Caltech physicist Elsa Garmire, to film laser light patterns she had created. This became the short film LaserImage.

Filmed lasers, however, were flat. They did not have the vibrant scintillating coherent speckle of live laser light. Dryer and Garmire approached the Griffith with a proposal for a live show to be called “Laserium”. They were turned down — both by the Griffith and by banks.

Three years later, Dryer and Garmire put together a demonstration at Caltech, using a 1-watt krypton laser, This time the new head of the Griffith gave an OK for a one-month test at the planetarium.

Laserium premiered November 19, 1973. Four weeks later, 500 people a night were being turned away. Dryer’s company, Laser Images Inc., went on to do laser shows in 46 planetariums and locations in other cities as well. The shows were seen by over 20 million people. At its peak, Laser Images had 70 employees.

In 2002, the Griffith Observatory planetarium was to be closed for renovations. Laserium’s last show there was January 5, 2002. It had run for 28 years — the longest running theatrical attraction in Los Angeles, and the longest-running laser show in the world.

As new technologies such as bright, large, hi-def video screens and computer graphics improved, classic laser shows with their lo-res wireframe images fell out of favor. Laserium scaled back, while Dryer kept working with lasers and Laserium projects. He officially retired in 2009, when Laser Images Inc.’s assets were acquired by Jon Robertson of DayStar Lasers.

Dryer cared for his convalescent wife, Carol, through her death in June 2016. This took a toll on his health as well.

A documentary film on his life and work is in production, and is expected to be released later this year.

Additional background and reminiscences are at Laserium’s website, photos and text at the Leaping Robot Blog and the links at Dryer’s Wikipedia page.

Many older ILDA Members had their first exposure to laser displays at a planetarium running Laserium shows. Dryer’s example helped inspire these Members to get into the business, and often to found their own laser display companies.

Within ILDA, Dryer was known for his quiet, thoughtful and kind demeanor. He was a founding Member of the association, served on the Board from 1990 to 1994, and was ILDA President from 1990 to 1992.

Laser Images was host of the 1991 ILDA Conference, held in Los Angeles. The company won 43 ILDA Awards for artistic and technical excellence, in the years between 1988 and 2000.

A 2002 newspaper article summed up how laserists felt about him: “Dryer appears to be universally regarded with awe and respect.”

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Earlier this year, ILDA honored Ivan Dryer by declaring his birthday, March 7, to be “International Laserist Day.” He was sent this plaque, to let him know how much he means to ILDA and laserists in general.

His brother, David Dryer, presented it to him and told ILDA “Ivan had a big smile on his face when I showed him the plaque. That's the first smile in about a year!”

Registration is open for the 2017 ILDA Conference in Bratislava

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KVANT will be hosting the 2017 ILDA Conference in Bratislava, Slovakia. Coherent Inc. is a Gold Sponsor of the Conference.

The dates are the evening of Monday, 6 November through Wednesday, 8 November. On 9 November there is an optional cultural tour of the city. In addition, laser safety classes will be taught on 5-6 November.

Registration for the ILDA Conference and for the hotel is now open.

Details on the Conference and our hotel, the Radisson Blu Carlton, are on the 2017 Conference page.

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Submit press releases, articles and ads to The Laserist magazine

ILDA will be publishing The Laserist magazine, coming November 2017 in time for the ILDA Conference and the LDI show in Las Vegas. It will be produced in print (32 full-color pages) as well as an online version.

We are now soliciting editorial and advertising material from Members:

  • Editorial material can include press releases, photos, articles — especially on technical subjects — and story suggestions. We cannot guarantee publication, but we will consider all submissions. Deadline for editorial submissions is August 15. To submit editorial material, contact us via email at ILDA. Editorial material is submitted to ILDA.
  • Advertising provides a targeted way to reach laser show producers, persons buying laser show equipment and software, and those considering hiring laser show companies. Deadline for ad reservations is September 1; deadline for ad submission is September 15. To reserve ad space, click here for the publisher’s ad site. Ads are submitted to the publisher, EM Consulting.

This is a unique opportunity to be in the only lasershow-specific magazine in the world! Reach clients, buyers and ILDA Members with the 2017 Laserist magazine.

And to see past Laserist magazines (PDF format online), visit the The Laserist page.

Blast from the past - 2001 and 2002 ILDA Award videos

We’ve dug into the archives and digitized the 2001 and 2002 ILDA Award winners. The videos have been uploaded to YouTube.

For the videos along with a listing of the winners, see the 2001 ILDA Awards page and the 2002 ILDA Awards page. (2002 video shown above.)

See 45 award-winning laser shows in less than half an hour

Click on the above to see the 23-minute compilation video, which has excerpts from the winners.

If you want to see each video as it was entered (up to 4 minutes maximum), go to the
ILDA YouTube playlists, and click on the “2016 ILDA Awards”. Every winning entry is available at its full entered length.

This 23-minute compilation video has excerpts from winners of the the 2016 ILDA Awards. It’s the best of laser display, all in one place. You’ll see work from the top shows in these categories:

Beams/Atmospherics Show for a Single X-Y Scanner Pair
Beams/Atmospherics Show for Multiple Scanner Projectors
Graphics Show
Abstract Show
Beams and Screen Show
Nightclub / Disco / Music Festival Show
Corporate Show
Live Stage Show
Live TV Show
Edited Film / TV / Video
Laser Show With Added Effects/Multimedia
Laser Fine Art
Innovative Application
Laser Photography
Fenning Award for Technical Achievement

And for even more laser shows, check out the compilation video of the 2015 ILDA Award winners. This video lets you see 45 shows in 26 minutes.

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